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The Real Estate Zen Master

Brian Nix, Broker of Moqui Real Estate Brokerage

Brian Nix



National Association of REALTORS

Broker / Sales Agent / Realtor ®



University of Utah

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy


English, French

Brian is a seasoned real estate broker and agent with nearly two decades of experience in the industry. With a professional background that includes working for prominent builders, resales, and in the tech sector, he brings a broad skill set to the table. Brian's expertise spans construction, architecture, design, relationship management, sales, and marketing.

As a landlord of 16 years and an Airbnb "superhost," Brian also possesses a deep understanding of long-term and short-term property management and hospitality, making him a trusted guide when it comes to rentals. 

Beyond his professional life, Brian is a lifelong student of philosophy and an adventurer at heart. He indulges in activities like scuba diving, mountain biking, skiing, fly fishing, canyoneering, painting, reading, and interior design. His studies and passion for travel have fueled a fascination with all things "Japan" and the Japanese aesthetic, adding a unique dimension to his interests and experiences.

Whether in the realm of real estate or exploring the great outdoors, Brian approaches each endeavor with enthusiasm, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. His holistic approach to real estate combines expertise, creativity, and a deep appreciation for balance and harmony.


What is Moqui?

Moqui marbles

Moqui [moh-kee] mōkē

Moqui Marbles, also known as Moqui Balls or Shaman Stones, are small, iron-rich concretions found in Southern Utah and are named after the Hopi Tribe. These intriguing round "stones" are believed to have formed over millions of years and are often considered as geological curiosities. They are closely associated with the stunning landscapes of Southern Utah, where they can be discovered amidst the red rock scenery, adding to the region's natural wonders and mystique. You can read more about Moqui marbles here
Community pool at Brio in Green Springs, UT

I'm a client a Realtor should dread: I ask too many questions, research every little thing, and I'll wait for glaciers to melt to get what I want. If finding my lot and building a house was like climbing Everest, Brian was my trusty Sherpa the whole way - an expert on the trail who carried my load, never complained, and guaranteed my success. High marks!

—  T. Heaton

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Hurricane - La Verkin - Leeds - Toquerville
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