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New Construction Projects

Here you will find a comprehensive list of all known developments in the greater St. George area.


Use this list to explore builders and communities, but remember, when buying New Construction, never go it alone. With decades of experience both buying and selling new construction, I can't overstate the importance of hiring an agent to represent your interests throughout the process.

55+ = Retirement Community
NRA = Nightly Rental Approved
CS = Coming Soon
ST GEORGE (North-West)
ST GEORGE (Divario)
(Bloomington, Hidden & Little Valley )
ST GEORGE (Desert Color)
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Brian Nix, Broker of Moqui Real Estate Brokerage

Brian Nix

Broker / Sales Agent / Realtor

ST GEORGE (South-East)
  • Can I search for new construction on the MLS?  Yes, some builders will list the occasional new build on the MLS, but the majority of homes and projects are marketed to the consumer directly. This is why we supply this list of known projects.  We recommend reaching out to one of our agents for more details and insight into particular projects.
  • Can I buy directly from the builder without my own representation? Yes, but we do not recommend it. Many builders hire and train professional agents who represent the builder's interests, and not the buyer. The builder's agent never represents the buyer, nor are they in a dual-agency position (representing both parties). Luckily, many builders are also members of the National Association of Realtors and will pay a commission to the buyer's agent via the cooperating brokerage agreements set in place, so it's better to have an agent than not.
  • What does "Nightly rental approved (NRA)" mean? A property designated as "nightly rental approved" signifies that it has obtained the necessary permissions and certifications to legally operate as a short-term rental on a nightly basis. This designation allows property owners to rent out their home or unit for short stays, typically to vacationers or travelers, providing them with a flexible accommodation option. By being "nightly rental approved," the property offers the potential for generating rental income and maximizing its utility for owners seeking to leverage the property as a source of investment or additional revenue stream.
  • What does "To be built" mean?  This means that the construction of the house has not yet begun but is planned or scheduled for the future. The builder has the intention of starting and completing the construction process to create the specified house based on the agreed-upon plans and designs. This phrase is typically used to indicate that the house is not currently standing or available for immediate occupancy, but will be constructed according to the agreed-upon timeline and specifications.
  • What is a "Spec home"? A "spec home" is a type of house that a builder constructs without having a specific buyer in mind. The term "spec" is short for "speculative." In other words, the builder speculates that there will be demand for a certain type of home in a particular location and constructs the house based on that assumption. Unlike a custom-built home where the design and features are tailored to a specific buyer's preferences, a spec home is built by the builder with predetermined plans, finishes, and features. The builder typically makes choices regarding the layout, design elements, materials, and fixtures based on market trends and anticipated buyer preferences. Once completed, the spec home is put up for sale. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase the spec home as-is, without any input on the design or customization. The advantage of buying a spec home is that it offers a move-in-ready option without the wait time and decisions involved in the construction of a custom-built home.
  • Is the information on the builder's website accurate?  It depends on the builder. The real estate market is notoriously fast changing, so maintaining updated websites is difficult. So, while we do not  guarantee anything posted on another business's webpage or the links provided above, we do foster relationships with them and their agents to collect the best information possible. 
  • Can you help with a custom build?  Absolutely. There are many exceptional builders in the St George area who can build a home to your specifications. Because each custom home is unique, we will provide a list of builders to suit your needs upon request.
Disclaimer: While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information on our website, we cannot guarantee the absolute correctness or completeness of all the details presented. The content provided and links to third-party websites on our website is for general informational purposes only and does not imply agency in any form. Any reliance you place on the information found on our website or that of a third-party is strictly at your own risk. We encourage users to verify any critical information, such as pricing, availability, features, or specifications, directly with us or the appropriate sources. We reserve the right to make changes or corrections to the website content at any time without prior notice. We shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or inconveniences arising from the use of inaccurate or outdated information on our website or that of a third-party website.
Community pool at Brio in Green Springs, UT

I used Brian as my Realtor for the sale and purchase of a home. I was pleased with how both were handled flawlessly and efficiently. I appreciated Brian's attention to detail and his experience-based advice along the way. I was impressed when he showed up to help troubleshoot a garage door issue shortly after move in.

—  Colton N.

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